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For your consideration in the #discroomgamejam of 2020, gaze upon the glory of Disc Room re-imagined as an intense 1990s-era first-person platformer. 

Can you last even 1 measly minute in any of the 5 bone-gnarling levels of this HELL OF STEEL AND BLOOD AND LAVA AND THEN EVEN MORE STEEL AND BLOOD???

W A S D to move

[SPACE] to jump

But wait, there's more! A 3 song soundtrack and sound "effects", created entirely by mangling and repurposing the audio files provided by Doseone for this game jam. Plenty of effects and modifications, but no other synthesizers or source sounds used.

Enjoy your round trip to hell...and back...and then BACK TO HELL AGAIN!!!

Code and design by Samuel Fine
Soundtrack and SFX by Samuel Fine, from sounds by Doseone (thanks for sharing these with us all, Dose!)
Textures from OpenGameArt.org
Lava shader by Hovl Studio https://www.patreon.com/posts/16654009
Thanks to Terri, JW, Kitty, and Dose for running #discroomgamejam and for creating Disc Room YOUR GAME IS SO GOOD
Extra special thanks to Jen, Clem, Ivan, Mew, Polly, Snoozer, Bruiser, Belly, and Number 4 for the moral support and game testing.



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